Recommended reading

Here are some of my favorite books on information security, programming and linux :

-> Hacking, The Art of Exploitation; Erickson; No Starch Press

-> The Linux Command-line; Shotts; No Starch Press

-> Assembly Language Step by Step; Duntemann; Wiley

-> Black Hat Python; Seitz; No Starch Press

-> Designing BSD-Rootkits; Kong; No Starch Press

-> Arm Assembly Language; Hohl & Hinds; CRC Press

-> Deep Dive: The Development of an Exploit; Manu Carus; BoD

-> The Shellcoder’s Handbook; C. Anley, J. Heasman, F. Lindner, G. Richarte; Wiley

I also highly recommend going to vulnhub, where you can download a machine and follow a walkthrough, so you can get the hang of it.

Reading somebody else’s code is always a good practice, you learn different coding styles and you might see a different approach that could be even better than yours.

Here’s also a good article concerning CTF and CCDC events

-> Plaid Parliament of Pwning: Why CTF?

I would also recommend reading write-ups from professional CTF teams like PPP, Eindbazen or fail0verflow.

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