USB-Armory resizing partition

Here are the complete instructions on how to resize your USB-Armory‘s filesystem to use the whole SD-Card.
We are going to use fdisk and resize2fs to resize the existing partition.

So first we are going to check the partitions.

So we have one partition called mmcblk0p1 that we are going to expand.
We are going to use fdisk to create a new partition in place of the old one.
First press ‘p’ to print out all the existing partitions and then delete the old one ( by pressing ‘d’ ), but remember the starting sector of the existing partition. In my case that would be 10240.

Then create a new one by pressing ‘n’ then ‘p’ for primary, now enter the starting sector, in my case 10240.
Now hit enter to use the full disk. Now we have created our new partition.
Press ‘p’ to verify the existence of our partition.

So after creating the partition we are going to write the changes ( enter ‘w’ ).
Then reboot the USB-Armory.

When the device has rebooted and you successfully logged in, we are going to use resize2fs to resize the filesystem.
When we enter ‘df -h’ we can see that our new filesystem is now 30G big :-)

I hope it worked for you guys!
If you have any questions feel free to ask!