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Student Academy North-Rhine-Westphalia

Hello guys!

Last week I participated in the Student Academy of North-Rhine-Westphalia for maths and computer science. My school had chosen me to apply at the academy, who then accepted me and invited me to work in groups with 99 of the best math and computer science students of my federal state.
The academy had way over 250 applications, so I am quite proud that they invited me.
There were 16 projects altogether and I have chosen a project that is related more towards computer science than maths. We had to implement a network based computer game to explain networking concepts and custom built protocols.
So in 4 days we wrote about 5200 lines of source code, you can find the game here. Please feel free to download the jar files or even the source code.
We fully developed the code with the Eclipse IDE.

The members of my group where:

Andreas Brüggemann
Alexander Kummutat
Jonas Nötzel
Julian Schmidt
Kai Schenk
Monja Raschke

It was a hell of a week! I am very happy that I was allowed to take part in this project!
With teamwork and a lot of thinking we were able to create something, of which we are very proud of, in this short amount of time.

Carl Smith